About Make Something with David Picciuto

Who Am I?

I am a full-time online content creator, designing, creating and teaching the art of woodworking. I have an art background that I incorporate into my projects and focus on originality and design.

What’s the Purpose of MakeSomething.tv?

I’m here to share my ideas and teach others the beautiful craft of working with wood.

Who is this site for?

MakeSomething.tv is mainly intended for other woodworkers seeking information and inspiration but it’s also fun to share my projects with others and start a conversation with like-minded makers.

How Did I Get Started in Woodworking?

Back in March of 2011 I was looking to get some of my photography professionally framed for an art show. I was shocked at the cost and thought I could do it myself. I went out and bought a miter saw, started watching all the woodworking shows on YouTube and it just took off out of control from there. I never did make those picture frames but it changed my life.

Who I actually Am

I spent 10 years working for marketing agencies, designing and developing websites in Toledo, Ohio. That journey also took me down the videography and photography paths which I now use in my teaching of woodworking.

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