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Walnut Dice Pencil Holder

February 20, 2017
A quick and easy woodworking project making walnut dice pencil holders.

Making a Wood TV Remote

February 16, 2017
Tearing apart a cheap plastic TV remote and making a wood case.
handmade eye glasses

How to Make Prescription Eyeglasses

January 26, 2017
We team up with How to Make Everything to make prescription eye glasses from scratch.

Collapsible Campaign Furniture Bookcase

January 2, 2017
How to make a collapsible campaign furniture bookcase. Easy woodworking project!

Top 25 Woodworking Bloggers

December 18, 2016
Toolversed Top 25 Woodworking Blogs
shaker table

Hot to Make a Shaker Table with a Hotdog Wood Inlay!

December 7, 2016
Making a traditional Shaker table with easy joinery and marquetry inlay.
live edge walnut slab

How to Make a Live Edge Walnut Bench

November 30, 2016
Making a hall table that didn't turn out as planned. Turned into a bench!

How to Make an Easy Leather Key Chain

November 21, 2016
This is my very first leather project. A key chain and tape measure belt strap.
record crates

How to Make Classic Record Crates

October 28, 2016
Tutorial on how to make record crates using router dovetails joints out of walnut with hairpin legs.
wood plaque

Making a Plaque From Wood and Brass

October 25, 2016
Making a CNC’d and laser engraved plaque out of wood and brass.
wood kitchen cart

How to Make a Kitchen Cart

October 19, 2016
Tutorial on how to make a kitchen cart. An easy woodworking project for everyone!
super mario wood

Super Mario Made From Wood. Pixel by Pixel.

October 6, 2016
Making Super Mario Bros pixel by pixel out of different colors of wood.
wood clipboard

How to Make Wooden Clipboards

September 28, 2016
Making a batch of clipboards for an upcoming craft show.
Rotating Crayon Holder

How to Make a Rotating Crayon Holder

September 22, 2016
How to make a 64 crayon set display and organizer. A great beginner woodworking project!
Wood Pencil Holders

Quick & Easy Pencil Holders That You Can Sell

September 14, 2016
Batching out colored pencil holders for a craft show.
How to Make a Murphy Bed

How to Make a Murphy Bed

September 7, 2016
Woodworking tutorial on making a Murphy wall bed that folds up and hides away into the wall.
how to make a bandsaw box

How to Make a Bandsaw Box | Easy Woodworking Project

August 25, 2016
How to make a bandsaw box with a drawer and pencil holder.
upcycle lamp

Thrift Store Lamp Upcycle. Trash to Treasure Woodworking Project

August 17, 2016
Thrift store find upcycling project. Making a wood lamp with note and pen holder.
wiener dog tie rack

Tie Rack Woodworking Project from a 1959 School Textbook

August 16, 2016
Making a wiener dog tie rack from an old 1959 school textbook. A great beginner woodworking project!
how to make a cutting board

DIY Cutting Board with Inlay

August 11, 2016
How to make a bamboo cutting board with inlay.

Wood Staining: Coca Cola vs Coffee

August 9, 2016
Which works better as a wood stain? Coca Cola or Coffee?
Trash to Treasure: Make a Wall Hanging Guitar Amp | DIY Upcycle

Trash to Treasure: Make a Wall Hanging Guitar Amp | DIY Upcycle

August 3, 2016
Taking a crappy thrift store guitar amp and turning it into a beautiful wall hanging.
cement weights

How to Make Concrete Weight Clamps

August 2, 2016
How to make Concrete weight clamps used for woodworking projects.
laser cut puzzle

How to Make a Puzzle with a Laser Cutter

July 28, 2016
How to make a puzzle from a photograph using a laser cutter.
how to make a pizza peel

How to Make a Pizza Peel

July 21, 2016
How to make a wooden pizza peel. A quick and easy woodworking project.
cookies in epoxy

How to Ruin Grandma’s Cookie Recipe in Epoxy! WTF?

July 7, 2016
Preserve a cookie in epoxy with recipe card to hang on the kitchen wall. Arts and craft project!
retro stereo cabinet

How to Make a Retro Stereo Cabinet

June 22, 2016
A retro style stereo cabinet made from cherry plywood with an enclosed turntable and removable grill faces.
dowel joinery

Dowel Joinery Technique and Tips

June 16, 2016
How to use dowel joinery for butt joints on cabinet cases.
how to make a wood coffee mug

How to Make an Unusable Wood Coffee Mug

June 8, 2016
How to make a wood coffee mug out of walnut and maple.
transfer photo to wood

How to Transfer a Photo to Wood

June 2, 2016
How to transfer a photo to wood. A quick and easy photography based art project.
how to make an ulu knife

How to Make an Alaskan Ulu Knife

May 26, 2016
Making an Alaskan ulu knife with mating cutting board.
skull made from clay and cardboard

Laser Cutting Cardboard to Make a Human Skull

May 18, 2016
Laser cutter project with 123D Make. Cut cardboard on a laser to make a skull.
armrest drink holder

How to Make an Armrest Drink Holder

May 12, 2016
Easy woodworking project. How to make an armrest drink holder for your couch or chair.
hand made wood pencil

How to Make Wood Pencils

May 5, 2016
Make wooden pencils from scrap using fancy woods and Drawing Lead
bent lamination wooden spoon

How to Make Bent Laminated Spoon

April 27, 2016
Quick and easy project that in be made in a few hours.
upcycled clock

Upcycling a Clock from an Antique Store into Something New

April 8, 2016
Destroying a vintage clock and giving it a new look and functionality.
wooden pen

How to Turn a Slimline Pen

March 17, 2016
Getting started in pen turning. The basics.

Shop Tour

March 11, 2016
A fun MTV Cribs style video shop tour.
how to make a corner cabinet

How to Make a Corner Cabinet

March 2, 2016
How to make a matching pair of corner cabinets with glass doors.
How to Make Masquerade Mask with a Laser Cutter

How to Make Masquerade Mask with a Laser Cutter

February 4, 2016
Cutting a fox masquerade mask out of veneer on a Full Spectrum hobby laser with bent lamination.
craft show

How to Price Your Work. A Simple Technique

January 28, 2016
Quick and easy way to put a price on the things you sell. Whether you sell one or many.
miter spline box

Making a Box with Hidden Compartment

January 19, 2016
How to make a keepsake box with a hidden compartment.
How to Pirate a Vinyl Record

How to Duplicate a Record

January 7, 2016
How to duplicate a vinyl record using silicone rubber and liquid plastic resin.
Sony FDR-AX100 4K Video Camera

Video Equipment for YouTube and Blogging

January 5, 2016
The primary video gear I use in my YouTube videos along with all the accessories and tips.

Making Acoustic Panels

December 3, 2015
Overview on making acoustic sound panels to reduce audio reflection for podcast recording.
wood veneer ring

How to Make Wood Rings / Bentwood Rings

November 11, 2015
Wood veneer ring step-by-step tutorial. Quick and easy project that can be done with few tools.
tablesaw outfeed table

How to Make an Outfeed Table Out of Plywood

October 19, 2015
Tutorial on how to make an outfeed table for your tablesaw. Includes plans and video.
Aluminum Soldering Strength Test.

Aluminum Soldering Strength Test.

September 2, 2015
Strength test to see how strong my soldered aluminum joints are.
coffee table with lift top

How to Make a Coffee Table with Lift Top

August 29, 2015
How to make a coffee table out of walnut plywood, aluminum legs and a lift top mechanism.
crosscutting plywood

Preventing Tear-out When Crosscutting Plywood

August 29, 2015
This easy technique will virtually eliminate tear out.
welding aluminum

How to "Weld" Aluminum Without a Welder

August 26, 2015
A quick video on how to bond two pieces of aluminum with only a propane torch and some brazing rods.
How to make stereo speakers

DIY Speaker Build

August 20, 2015
Make a set of stereo speakers to look like an old vintage guitar amp.
harbor freight toledo oh

5 Harbor Frieght Gems

August 9, 2015
5 tool recommendations from Harbor Freight. Cheap tools with lasting results.
flower planter

Cheap and Easy to Make Planter Boxes

August 4, 2015
Cheap and easy to make flower planters using a liner bought from Home Depot.
hot to make a guitar

How to Make a Guitar with a CNC Machine

July 20, 2015
Step by step instructions on how to make a guitar with a CNC using parts from a donor guitar.
korg MS20 Mini Side Panels

Korg MS-20 Mini Wood Side Panels

July 8, 2015
The making of the Korg MS20 Mini Synth Side Panels

Use Flocking to Enhance Your Boxes!

June 18, 2015
I show you a technique called flocking. This is commonly used in lining the drawers of boxes and cases. It leaves a soft velvety feel and adds a touch of class to your projects.
how to make paper

Super Simple Way on How to Make Paper

June 16, 2015
I show you how to make homemade paper from recycled materials you can find around the house.
how to make a paper deckle

How to Make a Deckle For Paper Making

June 15, 2015
Making a homemade paper deckle is a real quick and easy project that anyone can do.
Endgrain cutting board

Endgrain Cutting Board with Epoxy Inlay

June 3, 2015
How to make an engrain cutting board with food safe epoxy inlay.
Buttons and pins

Make Money Making Buttons and Pins!

May 27, 2015
I show how I make money with a button maker at craft shows.
3d epoxy photo photoshop

How to Make a 3D Layered Photograph with ArtResin Epoxy

May 25, 2015
Today we’re going to make a 3D layered photo using Photoshop, a couple of 8x10 prints made from one image and a new epoxy resin that I think you’re going to like.
Mid Century Modern Coffee Cabinet

Mid Century Modern Coffee Cabinet

May 24, 2015
Watch a video on the making of our mid century modern inspired coffee cabinet. Made from baltic birch and walnut plywood.

Epic Fails by Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto

May 23, 2015
While at Maker Faire in the Bay Area my podcast mates and I had a panel discussion on Epic Fails.
jay bates interview

One-on-one with Jay Bates from Jay's Custom Creations

May 7, 2015
Recently I got to sit down with Jay Bates from Jay’s custom creations.
30 Year Old Sign Rehab

30 Year Old Weathered Sign Rehab

April 11, 2015
I take an old family sign and rehab it back to new with some sanding, paint and finish.
1953 Mickey Mantle Topps Baseball Card

Mounting an Old Baseball Card on Wood

April 1, 2015
A quick tutorial on how to take an old baseball card and give it some new life by mounting it on walnut and coating it with epoxy.
pallet wood key rack

Pallet Wood Project: Key and Coat Rack

March 27, 2015
Get inspired to make fun woodworking projects using free pallet wood like this key and coat rack.
X-Carve CNC from Inventables

X-Carve 3D Carving Overview and CNC Sign Making

March 20, 2015
Today I’m going to give you a quick overview of the X-Carve. The newest 3D carver from Inventables.
woodworking youtube channels

The Best Woodworking YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Now!

March 18, 2015
The 20 most popular woodworking channels on YouTube.
Spline Jig for Picture Frames

How to Make a Spline Jig for Picture Frames

March 6, 2015
Strengthen those mitered corners with this easy to make tablesaw jig.
 Picture Frame Sled

Making The Ultimate Picture Frame Sled

February 20, 2015
How to make the ultimate picture frame table saw sled!
work sharp 3000

Work Sharp 3000 Unboxing and First Use

February 9, 2015
Today I’m going to show you my new sharpening station. The Work Sharp 3000.
The antique flip clock upcycle

Antique Flip Clock Up-Cycle Project

February 6, 2015
I take an old antique flip clock, gut it and rebuild the outer shell out of walnut in the up-cycling project.
Longevity Migweld 140

Longevity Migweld 140 Welder Unboxing

February 5, 2015
A quick overview and unboxing of my new Longevity Migweld 140 mig welder and PowerView Elite auto darkening mask and helmet.
motorized lazy susan

How to Make a Motorized Lazy Susan

January 30, 2015
Enhance your videos with this easy to make motorized lazy susan from a rotisserie motor and some plywood.
wood beer mug

How to Make a Beer Mug on the Lathe

January 22, 2015
A step by step tutorial on how to make a wood beer mug on the lathe.

How to Make Wood Rings from Veneer

January 16, 2015
How to Make Wood Rings from Veneer otherwise known as bentwood rings.
Joshua Driskell

Legal Advice for Woodworkers, Makers and Crafters

January 9, 2015
Special guest Joshua Driskell a tax and business lawyer from Primuth & Driskell answers legal questions from the woodworking community.
how to make a wine display

How to Make a Wine Display: Simple Woodworking Project!

December 31, 2014
This wine display is a quick project and is easy to batch out that sell well or make great gifts!

In a Woodworking Rut? Get Out of It Quick With These 10 Tips.

December 29, 2014
It happens to us all, we get burnt out and lose motivation to finish a project. The following 10 tips should help you get out of that rut fast.
wood crates

How to Make a Wood Crate from a Home Center 2x6

December 24, 2014
How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2x6. A quick and simple project to make a useful and decorative wood crate.
beer fight

How to Make a Beer and Whiskey Flight

December 23, 2014
Three projects in one. A beer flight, a whiskey flight and a candle holder. It's whatever you want it to be!
TV Remote Box

How to Make a TV Remote Box with Hidden Dowel Joinery

December 20, 2014
I show how I made these unique boxes using hidden dowel joinery. These boxes are the perfect size for storing all your TV remotes.
speaker cabinets

Speaker Cabinet Rebuild with Walnut and Hickory

December 19, 2014
I tear down and rebuild my home theater stereo speakers.
how to make a wine box

How To Make a Wine Box with Finger Joints

December 15, 2014
Quick and easy wine boxes that makes a great gift when paired with a bottle of wine

Craft Show Tips and Tricks

November 21, 2014
In this week's episode I talk with the Wooden Fox (my Wife) about selling our crafts at handmade events and fairs.
walnut cutting board

How to Make a Cutting Board in 20 Minutes

November 7, 2014
We get the stopwatch out for this build to show how quickly you can make one of these cutting boards in about 20 minutes.

How to Resaw on the Bandsaw. The Easy Way!

October 16, 2014
I show you that you can resaw on the bandsaw without any special tools or gadgets.
Making a whiskey display

Making a Whiskey and Shot Glass Display

October 10, 2014
Overview video of how I made this whiskey and shot glass display.
how to make lincoln logs

How to Make Lincoln Logs from 2x Lumber

September 26, 2014
I show you how to make the classic Lincoln Log toys out of cheap 2x6s from the home center.
wood magnetic bangle bracelet

How to Make a Magnetic Bangle Bracelet

September 19, 2014
How I made these wood magnetic bangle bracelets from walnut, maple and rare earth magnets.
ShapeOko 2

Using the ShapeOko 2 CNC Router and Easel for Wood Inlay

September 15, 2014
An overview on how I use my ShapeOko 2 CNC and Easel router by Inventables to create wood inlay.
bandsaw box

How to Make a Bandsaw Box

August 29, 2014
A step by step tutorial on how to make this beautiful bandsaw box.

How to Make a Marker and Cork Board

August 18, 2014
Step by step tutorial on how to make this dry-erase and cork board frame.
Toledo Wall Art

Hometown Wall Art on Glass Woodworking Project

August 11, 2014
A fun crafty project that can be made in just an evening.
drilling large holes

Drilling Holes Larger than your Largest Bit

August 6, 2014
Quick tip on making oversized holes using a forstner bit, rabbeting bit and a flush trim bit.
serving tray

How to Make a Serving Tray with Breadboard Ends

August 4, 2014
Step by step process on how to make a serving tray with through stub tenon breadboard ends out of padauk and maple.
Pencil & Business Card Holder

How to Make a Pencil & Business Card Holder

July 28, 2014
Step by step process on how to make a simple pencil & business card holder.
beer cady

How to Make a Beer Tote / Beer Caddy

June 9, 2014
Step by step instructions on how to make a beer tote.
wood planters

How to Make Succulent Planters. Easy Project!

May 4, 2014
A quick and easy project video on how to make succulent planters.

How to Fill a Gap in a Mitered Corner

April 30, 2014
A qucik tip on filling gaps in mitered corners

How to Make a Cat Coffin, the Hard Way.

April 1, 2014
A custom sized coffin for your favorite pet. Made from pine and shaped on the bandsaw.
draw large circles

Quick and Easy Way to Draw Large Circles

March 3, 2014
With a pencil, screw, a long piece of wood and a couple of clamps you can draw large circles and curves.
shop stool

How to Make a Shop Stool Out of Plywood

February 11, 2014
Step by step video on how to make a shop stool out of plywood.

How to Make a Bandsaw Box: Chicago Design

January 20, 2014
A step-by-step video on how to make my "Chicago" bandsaw box.
woodworking finishing

Finishing: How to Mix and Apply an Oil/Poly Blend

January 5, 2014
Make your own oil/poly blend with boiled linseed oil, polyurethane and mineral spirits.
Curved Inlay

How to Make Curved Inlay. Perfect for Boxes!

December 16, 2013
Step by step video on how to do this beautiful inlay technique.
Pencil Holder Close Up

Making a Wooden Pencil Holder. Easy Project!

December 3, 2013
Quick and simple project anyone can do with some basic woodworking tools.

New to Woodworking? Set Up Shop From Nothing with a $500 Budget.

October 8, 2013
Getting started in woodworking can be difficult if you don't already have the tools. Get started with just $500.
Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge Overview

September 23, 2013
Video overview of the Wixey digital angle gauge on my table saw.
kencraft hardwood, toledo, oh

Innovations Have Kept This Hardwood Dealer Running Strong for 25 Years

September 18, 2013
From inventing the router pad to selling hardwoods. KenCraft is doing it right.

The Making of my Korg MS-20 Synth Mini Wood Sides

August 15, 2013
Short film of myself making the wood panel sides for the new Korg MS20 Mini synthesizer.
sketchup drawing

The Making of a Recording Studio Cabinet

July 13, 2013
Recording cabinet will be used as storage and double as a keyboard stand in my home recording studio.
Large Front Vise

Large Front Vise Installation

May 27, 2013
I finally got my large front vise installed on my work bench.
hand plane making

Scott Meek's Plane Making Class

May 22, 2013
I had the pleasure of taking Scott Meek's wood hand plane making class.
saw stop table saw

SawStop 1.75 HP Professional Cabinet Saw Assembly

May 10, 2013
My new SawStop table saw arrived yesterday so I decided to create a time lapse video of the assembly.
super mario made from wood

Super Mario Made Out of Wood

April 4, 2013
Super Mario artwork made from walnut, lacewood and leopard wood.
rikon 10-325 bandsaw

Rikon 10-325 Bandsaw Review

January 23, 2013
My not so favorable review of my new Rikon 10-325 14" bandsaw.