shaker table

Hot to Make a Shaker Table with a Hotdog Wood Inlay!

Making a Traditional Shaker Table with Easy Joinery and Marquetry Inlay

This was a fun project where I wanted to take a traditional style table and modernize it with some pop art inlay. The legs, apron and drawer are all made of solid cherry. The table top is made from 3/4" plywood with a marquetry layer of veneer on the top. All the veneers were cut with a laser and fit perfectly to make the hotdog art. This Shaker table was finished with 3 coats of shellac. Each coat was thinned down with denatured alcohol for a very thin and wipeable layer and buffed in between with fine abrasive pads.

Tools and Supplies Used in This Woodworking Project

shaker table shaker table shaker table

cutting on table saw
Step 01: Cutting on Tablesaw
Cut the four legs to width and length on the tablesaw out of eight-quarter cherry.
cut table legs taper
Step 02: Cutting Leg Tapers
Next you'll cut the leg tapers on the tablesaw using a tapering jig.
cutting on tablesaw
Step 03: Cut Table Aprons
Now you'll cut the table aprons on the tablesaw.
Step 04: Pocket Holes
For my table I'm using pocket hole joinery to join the legs to the aprons.
pocket holes
Step 05: Pocket Hole Joinery
Clamp and glue the legs to the aprons and use pocket hole screws to quickly join them together.
cutting joinery on tablesaw
Step 06: Cutting the Drawer
Here I'm notching some rabbets in the drawer face and back for easy and quick joinery. You'll then cut a groove to hold in a plywood bottom.
assembing drawer
Step 07: Assembling the Drawer
Now you'll glue and clamp the drawer together.
Step 08: Dowel Joinery
To reinforce the joinery I'll drill holes and fill them with a contrasting dowel.
drawer rails
Step 09: Drawer Rails
Next you can install the drawer rails for a nice tight and smooth fit.
Turning on lathe
Step 10: Turning Knob on Lathe
Using one of the cut-offs from the legs I turned a pull-knob out of it.
iron on edge banding
Step 11: Iron On Edge Banding
I'm using a plywood top and iron on edge banding to cover up the exposed plywood edges.
attach table top
Step 12: Attaching the Table Top
Next you'll flip the table upside and attach the top with a few screws.
shellac finish
Step 13: Finishing
And finally you can finish your Shaker table with a few coats of clear shellac.