How to Make a Bandsaw Box

Making Bandsaw Boxes

A step by step tutorial on how to make a bandsaw box. Made from Mexican ebony, maple inlay and baltic birch. The drawer is lined with a soft black fiber flocking making it perfect for jewelry or valuable items. It could also be used on your desk to store earbuds and office supplies. The maple inlay was made on my CNC router (ShapeOko 2) and you can view a video on CNC inlay here. I really love making these bandsaw boxes as they can easily be made in a day or two with only a few power tools. Making these boxes is how I got started in woodworking and can be a great gateway to bigger woodworking projects. If you like this project you may want to check out my other bandsaw box video on making the Chicago bandsaw box!

Products & Tools Used

clamp bandsaw box

Step 1: Bandsaw Box Glue-up

First thing we need to do is clamp up all our pieces that'll make up the bandsaw box. I'm using 3/4" baltic birch plywood for the core and Mexican Ebony for the outside. I try and use as many f-style clamps as I can to distribute pressure.

apply bandsaw box template

Step 2: Bandsaw Box Template

Now I'll take my bandsaw box template and attach it to my blank using Elmer's spray adhesive.

cut band saw box

Step 3: Cut the Design

Then I'll cut the outside shape of the bandsaw box on my bandsaw using a 3/16", 4 TPI skip tooth blade.

cut bandsaw box back

Step 4: Cut off the Back

Once the outside the bandsaw box has been cut then it's time to cut off the back. I'm using a 1/2" Woodslicer blade from Highland Woodworking.

cut out drawer

Step 5: Cut the Drawer

Now I'll switch back to my 3/16" 4 TPI Skip tooth bandsaw blade and cut out the inside drawer. 

glue up bandsaw box

Step 6: Close the Kerf

Here I'm using my bench vise to clamp the outer shell back up with some Titebond II glue.

saw off back

Step 7: Bandsaw Box Drawers

Switching back to my 1/2" Woodslicer Resaw Blade I'll cut off the front and back of the drawers.

cut out drawer

Step 8: Scoop Out the Drawer

I'll now switch back on final time to my 3/16" 4 TPI Skip Tooth blade to cut out the inside of my bandsaw box drawer.

clamp bandsaw box drawer

Step 9: Glue up the Drawer

Next I'll glue on the front and back to the drawer. Here I'm using Bessey K Body parallel clamps and clamping directly to my bench but you could easily just use the f-style clamps.

clamp bandsaw box body

Step 10: Glue on the Back

And now it's time to glue the back on to the outer shell using the f-style clamps.

sand drawer

Step 11: Sanding

Here I'm sanding the outside of the drawer on the 12" disc sander.

final sanding

Step 12: Sanding

Here I'm sanding the outside of the bandsaw box on the 12" disc sander.

round over corners

Step 13: Round Over Edges

I choose to use a rasp to give a slight roundover to all the edges.


Step 14: Bandsaw Box Finishing

I'll now apply a couple coats of boiled linseed oil and then a final coat of spray lacquer. Watch a full video on how I finish my bandsaw boxes.


Step 15: Flocking

I'll then coat the inside of the box and drawer with black flocking fibers and black adhesive using the Mini Flocker. Watch a video on how to flock a bandsaw box.

drill handle hole

Step 16: Drawer Pull

And finally I'll drill a hole to insert my drawer pull.

bandsaw box

bandsaw box bandsaw box 

bandsaw box