Bandsaw Box "Chicago"

bandsaw box.

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Bandsaw Box Details

I like to name all my bandsaw boxes after a place to give them an identity and make them recognizable. This bandsaw box is called "Chicago" because of the resemblance to the letter "C." I really like the uniqueness of this box with the baltic birch plywood core, opened end and base. The repeating lines of the layered plywood emphasizes the curves. The outside is made from bubinga and the drawer is lined with a soft black flocking. I've sold a handful of these and have seen many other woodworkers make one as well. Unlike most bandsaw boxes, the drawer can be pulled out and opened from both sides.

Bandsaw Box Extras

Watch a step by step tutorial video titled How to Make a Bandsaw Box. Want to make your own? Purchase plans here.

band saw box with open drawer slightly open.

Profile view of Chicago Bandsaw boxBack view of the Chicago Bandsaw Box.Back view of the Chicago Bandsaw Box.Drawer open on Chicago Bandsaw BoxSide view of Bandsaw BoxTop down detail view of Chicago Bandsaw BoxTop down detail view of baltic birch plywood.Inside view of bandsaw box drawer.Drawer removed from box.