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Take a Tour of my Wood Shop

My workshop studio takes up most of the basement in my home. Some of the challenges in having a basement workshop is working around the furnace and water heater and dealing with low ceilings. A big advantage of my basement shop is easy access and it's available all year long. My basement shop is always evolving as I get new tools and replace the old. I'm always working to have an efficient and ergonomic woodshop so I can best spend my time making instead of looking for tools. I get asked a lot about what tools to buy first or what brand of tool to get. My answer to that is come up with a project first and purchase the tools you need to complete that project. That way your tool collection will naturally grow and you won't be stuck with a bunch of machines you'll never use. As far as brands and models, I have no preference and suggest you get whatever you can get your hands on. Tools are expensive so sometimes buying cheap and buying used woodworking tools is best. If you're new to woodworking don't worry about buying top of the line. Especially if it means you have to wait to save up to buy the tool. You'll find that most times having a cheap tool is better than having no tool. Woodworking and tools is not a contest. It's a passion!

My Favorite Woodworking Books