Closet Door Makeover w/ Changeable Panels for Customizing!

Bring some style to an element of your room that’s too often overlooked.

This woodworking tutorial takes your basic hollow-core interior doors and turns them into something cool. Plus, you can easily change them out as the spirit moves you.

Let’s face it — no matter how cool your house is, there’s a good chance your doors are a little drab. And when we’re looking at ways to fancy up our living space, we tend to overlook the doors as an option. In this step-by-step how-to, I’ll show how to add some flair that you can customize to suit your personal style.

We started with your standard mahogany hollow-core doors, which we sanded down and painted. Then, with a few fairly straightforward woodworking techniques, plus some acrylic and cardstock, we created a mid-century modern look that makes the room pop. Not into mid-century modern? Play around with the design a little bit, or create panels more to your liking.

Plus (plot twist), there’s a special touch in this design that makes changing out your panels quickly and easily. What is it? Watch the video to find out.

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