How to Make a Beer Tote / Beer Caddy

These beer totes make for a fun woodworking project plus they’re great for gifts! Although you could make them out of any type of wood, I’m using 1/2” walnut plywood for mine. I really like the look of walnut with the exposed edges of the plywood. If you do use plywood for your beer caddy you may find that cross cutting the plywood on the table saw or bandsaw leads to tear out. This can be prevented by placing some masking or painters tape on both sides of the plywood before cutting. This helps support the fibers as the blade plows through. All of the joinery in this build is simple butt joints reinforced with dowels. This will provide plenty of strength for beer carrying use. I prefer to finish my beer totes with spray lacquer as it dries quickly and add protection. You can purchase plans for this beer caddy in my store. As always, be safe and make something!

Items Used

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