How to Make Masquerade Mask with a Laser Cutter

This week on Make Something we’re going to make this fox masquerade mask out of veneers using a laser cutter. This mask will be made with several layers of veneer. We’ll start off with a layer of walnut topped with a layer of maple, just to give it some thickness and strength. Then I’ll add a layer of offset walnut to give the edges a border and top it off with some maple accent pieces. When I glue them together I’ll use a curved form so when it dries the mask will wrap around the face giving it a bit more dimension. This was a quick fun project. If you don’t have a laser cutter check your local library, art museum or maker space. Here in Toledo, Ohio we don’t have a maker space but our library does offer public access to their laser cutter and gives classes on how to use them. And you don’t even need a laser engraver or cutter to make this. You could do this by hand with an X-acto knife.

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