Making a Dozen Christmas Ornaments // Woodworking & Basket Making

Quick and Easy Christmas Decorations

The folks at True Value Hardware issued a challenge: Create a dozen ornaments (for the twelve days of Christmas, we presume), using their Black Friday specials, everything from Christmas lights to a crock pot. A tall order, so I called in the big guns—my wife and basket-weaving genius Kelly Johns.

Between Kelly’s basket weaving skills and my woodworking, we were able to decorate the Christmas tree in style. Some of the ornaments were simple enough and would make a great activity for the whole family. Other more intricate ornaments came from the turning of the lathe.

What did we make? How did we make it? And what exactly did we do with the crock pot? You’ll just have to watch. Kelly and I were inspired enough to make this an annual holiday woodworking / basket weaving tradition, adding new handmade ornaments to the tree every year. We hope you’ll be inspired to make something as well!

Project Sponsor: True Value Hardware

Supplies Used in This Project

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