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My New Favorite Finish. Easy, Cheap and Impossible to Mess Up!

Shellac is my new favorite finish. Why I switched and will never go back. Easy to apply and hard to screw up!

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Crosscut Sled for Table Saw

How to Make a Crosscut Sled for Tablesaw

A quick and simple way to make a table saw crosscut sled for woodworking.
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Wooden Mailbox

CNC Machining a Mailbox On An Inventables X-Carve

Making a wooden mailbox entirely on a CNC.
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Walnut Dice Pencil Holder

How to Make a Walnut Dice Pencil Holder

Dice pencil holder made from walnut using just a tablesaw and a drill.
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Handmade Wooden Glasses

How to Make Prescription Eyeglasses

For this project I teamed up with the channel How To Make Everything. Andy blew the glass, cut the shape and ground the curvature until he reached his prescription.
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Collapsible Campaign Furniture Bookcase

How to Make a Campaign Furniture Bookcase This is an easy and fun woodworking project. I made my Campaign bookcase
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shaker table

How to Make a Shaker Table with a Hotdog Wood Inlay!

Making a Traditional Shaker Table with Easy Joinery and Marquetry Inlay This was a fun project where I wanted to
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How to Make a Live Edge Walnut Bench

Easy Live Edge Woodworking Furniture! This is one of those woodworking projects that didn’t turn out as expected. I got
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How to Make Classic Record Crates

Walnut Wood Record Crates When it comes to music I am a total nerd. I have a decent vinyl record
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Making a Plaque From Wood and Brass

How to Make a Wood Plaque from Mahogany and Brass In this week’s project we make a wood plaque using
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Super Mario Made From Wood. Pixel by Pixel.

Although tedious, this was a fun woodworking project. Like many I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES
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