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Make This Platform Queen Size Bed With Limited Tools

Queen size platform bed based on lumber that can be purchased at your local home center. Watch the tutorial video and get the woodworking plans here.

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How to Make a Queen Platform Bed | DIY Project

How to Make a Queen Platform Bed | DIY Project

Easy to make queen sized platform bed with only a few basic tools. All the lumber can be purchased from Lowes or Home Depot.
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Magazine Rack

How to Make a Modern Retro Magazine Rack

Step by step tutorial on how to make a modern vintage magazine rack. Simple woodworking project that doesn't require many tools.
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Inlay dovetails

How to Cut Inlay Dovetails With Hand Tools

Step by step video tutorial on how to cut inlay dovetails by hand. This beautiful joinery technique is easier than you may think!
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wood billiard ball rack

Pool Billiard Ball Rack Made With Black Walnut

Making a pool and billiard ball rack out of black walnut. I ran into a couple of challenges but was able to work around them using a table saw sled.
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Wood Mallet

How to Make a Wood Mallet

Making a wooden mallet out of coconut palm. Great beginner woodworking project and something every craftsman needs!
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Bandsaw Tips and Tricks

Bandsaw Blade Selection Most bandsaw problems come from either a dull blade or using a blade with too many teeth
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How to make a router table

How to Make The Ultimate Router Table with all the Accessories

Build the dream router table with all the bells and whistles! With all the router table accessories you can think of.
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pencil holder

How to make a Pencil Holder/Art Caddy

https://youtu.be/KX5IMsyeBV8 Making this pencil holder/art caddy is a quick and simple woodworking project that can easily be made in an
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Crosscut Sled for Table Saw

How to Make a Crosscut Sled for Tablesaw

A quick and simple way to make a table saw crosscut sled for woodworking.
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Wooden Mailbox

CNC Machining a Mailbox On An Inventables X-Carve

Making a wooden mailbox entirely on a CNC.
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Walnut Dice Pencil Holder

How to Make a Walnut Dice Pencil Holder

Dice pencil holder made from walnut using just a tablesaw and a drill.
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Handmade Wooden Glasses

How to Make Prescription Eyeglasses

For this project I teamed up with the channel How To Make Everything. Andy blew the glass, cut the shape and ground the curvature until he reached his prescription.
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